Farnam House Brewing Company: Omaha, NE

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Farnam House Brewing Company is located in the heart of Omaha’s Blackstone District. The area is informally called the “Blackstone Beer District” which includes the beer retail store and the Crescent Moon Ale House right next door to Farnam House. 

The upstairs space used to be Tommy Colina’s Kitchen and the basement brewery is a renovated furrier that wasn’t used since the 1960s. Omaha’s Crandell Furs used to hang its furs in the basement, with heavy security doors at each entrance. The doors remain intact and the tour will highlight the history of the building. The signs of the old business are still obvious in the basement. This is why the Blackstone area is so fun. It is becoming a new place with new business popping up often, but Farnam House pays respect to its history by embracing the older building they occupy now.

As their name may imply, Farnam House specializes in farmhouse ales. They also commit strongly to sours, barrel-aged recipes, and German lagers and stouts. Many breweries in Omaha focus more on the American or English ales, but you will find a great commitment to the traditional European recipes at Farnam House. 

A revolution at Farnam House is the use of water instead of glycol to control the temperature in the mash tun and brew kettle. This provides the same effect, and after reusing the water a few times, the sustainability aspect of this move is apparent. Using and re-using water cuts down on both cost and environmental impact.

Farnam House has a full kitchen in its taproom, with happy hour specials Monday-Saturday. The taproom has more of a restaurant feel, with a wide variety of food options available. The beer is still the main focus, but there are enough chairs to bring several people for a midday meal or to celebrate a family occasion. 

This is the full spread of tappers at the bar upstairs. You can see the commitment to tradition and ability to experiment as well.
You too can become a cow to celebrate the traditions of farmhouse ales on Farnam Street!
The entire brewing facility is in the old Crandell Furs facility.
Upstairs, the seating area is expansive.
Here, 60-gallon barrels are aging small batches of barrel-aged recipes.
If you’re on the brewery tour and feel a little restless, feel free to bathe in the shimmering light of the disco ball hanging from the ceiling.


PRICE: $0 


HISTORY: Established in 2014

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS BREWERY: Traditional, Barrels, and Historical



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