Kros Strain Brewing Company: La Vista, NE

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Kros Strain is a new brewery that has been open for less than six months at the time of this post. Scott Strain and Bobby Kros spent some time working at Nebraska Brewing Company before joining forces to open up their own place. Their location on Portal Road in West Omaha is still fairly close to their previous employer. 

They began the construction phase in January 2017. They are already struggling to meet demand. They only have one 60-barrel fermentation vessel, but they have realistic goals to replace some of their 30-barrel vessels with some of the 60-barrel size in the future. 

Kros Strain remains committed to their Nebraska roots. They use brewing products from both Alpha Brewing Operations and American Brewing Equipment out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Right now, Kros Strain only does kegs and bottles, but their American Brewing bottling line can fill up to 72 bottles a minute, which is far outside of the typical range seen by independent beer startups. 

Their most popular beer is without a doubt their Fairy Nectar IPA, which is produced in a ratio of 4:1 with their other recipes. In addition to having many regular beers on tap, there is a distinct focus on specialty flavorings and limited or seasonal releases. 

Kros Strain’s largest struggle is to produce. They have a large warehouse that they are already beginning to overgrow. Since they have not been open long, this is another brewery in the Omaha metro that is particularly malleable to customer requests. Try them out and let them know what you think. They would love to have you visit their beautiful taproom and tell them what you think.

Kros Strain has refrigerated 6-packs available for purchase in the taproom, as well as brewery merchandise. There is a party room with windows that look into the full taproom. It is available to rent for a private party or gathering. They do not serve much food at Kros Strain, but they allow and encourage outside food to be brought in. Talk to them about food delivery options. 

The most notable feature of the taproom, besides the hop-shaped lights at the bar, is the iconic floor-to-ceiling mural on the wall. Kros Strain hired a graffiti artist by the name of Norm4Eva to complete the painting. This work incorporates all colors of the rainbow, as seen in an image of the taproom below. 

The mural by Norm4Eva covers an entire wall.
Pictured is the lights, the mural, and the brewery in the background.
Right next to the bar they have 6-packs for sale and other brewery merchandise to buy.
The hop-shaped lights illuminate the bar.
The bottling line from American Beer Equipment out of Lincoln, NE.
This brewing complex is from Alpha Brewing Operations, also out of Lincoln.
Though they have a large warehouse, space is not as abundant as it may seem from outside.


PRICE: $0 – OR –  $8 for a tour, pour and collectible glass

TOURS OFFERED: Saturdays at 2pm and 3pm, excluding Saturdays with large events. Call ahead!

HISTORY: Began in June 2017




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