My name is Willie Shearon. I am a biologist and beer connoisseur. Studying biology has allowed me to appreciate the brewing process and understand the science behind the art of it. Beyond just the drinks, I am a strong advocate for the cultural impact of breweries as whole. The history of beer is really the history of human beings. Next time you’re in a brewery, ask the workers where they trained or learned their craft. You might learn more during a tour, which is my favorite part about breweries. Brewery tours are a great opportunity to make a big brewing company more personal for an average customer. Tours connect you with the community, history, and philosophy of a brewery. 

My writers and I hope you enjoy what you see here. This is a fun project of ours at this point, but we are always looking to expand the platform to help beer enthusiasts find new breweries. Our unique style of rating each brewery and the tour takes into account Price, Pours, and Pleasantness. I consider these three criteria to rate each tour experience on a 5-point scale. 

We are lifelong Midwesterners, so we primarily visit breweries in that general area. Though we get a bad rap as fly-over country, the Midwest holds its own when it comes to breweries. Of course, we will post about breweries across the nation whenever  we travel outside of the region. Do you have a city you’d like to see on here? Let us know! We’ll try to get some writers out there to take care of it.

A great way to connect with fellow beer drinkers and discover new drinks is to use a mobile app called Untappd. For your own sake, please consider making an account as soon as you can. Willie’s (Shearon Suds’) account can be found here