Thanks for visiting! My name is Willie Shearon. I studied biology in college and I grew to appreciate brewing as a science. I’m also very proud of my roots. The Midwest is not flyover country. I started this project to shed light on Midwest beer, because we do a pretty good job around here and it often goes overlooked.

Brewery tours are my focus here. I’ll write about a lot of different places, even if I don’t get a tour, but I love the experience of seeing a brewery with fellow fans on a tour. I’ve seen a few breweries that have been here longer than the rotunda on the U.S. Capitol Building. These businesses are staples in their communities. By pumping money into the city or town, rural breweries keep residents employed, fed, and healthy.

This is a fun hobby of mine at this point, but we are always looking to expand the platform to help beer enthusiasts find new breweries or venues. Our unique style of rating each brewery (tour) takes into account Price, Pours, and Pleasantness. I consider these three criteria to rate each tour experience on a 5-point scale.

A great way to connect with fellow beer drinkers and discover new drinks is to use a mobile app called Untappd. For your own sake, please consider making an account as soon as you can. Willie’s (Shearon Suds) account can be found here.