Infusion Brewing Company: Omaha, NE

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Infusion Brewing Company is a new business with a deep respect for the history of its location. The business was established in the Benson neighborhood of the city, a chic hub of culture featuring many restaurants, concert venues, and multiple breweries. The building the company occupies was built in 1917, so this year is the 100 year anniversary. It used to be Olsen’s Meat Market, and one of Infusion’s beers is named after it. The architecture of the newly renovated space is true to its past, keeping the original idea intact. Infusion is named that way because they are committed to trying new things and infusing new flavors into the beers. 

All 8 of their brewers are just former home brewers. They do not have any formal training, and they use the brewhouse to experiment with new options. The brewery’s owner also owns the Crescent Moon Ale House, a hub of craft beers in Omaha, Nebraska. The beer scene has benefited from the vision of owner Bill Baburek. Infusion’s Vanilla Bean Blonde is like drinking an ice cream cone, and it is the 5th-best-selling Nebraska beer. Infusion’s distribution is only available in Nebraska, so I recommend stopping through and trying some of the unique flavors of the company. 

The tour of the brewery includes by far the most beer of any tour I have been on. This tour will give you a LOT of beer. The tour lasted about an hour-and-a-half. On the tour, there are many opportunities to get refills, which is in addition to the beer you have separately paid for with the tour. For example, on our tour day, the Grahamber Ale was a recipe that included graham crackers, and reminded me of s’mores. It was a delicious blend that was more creative than I would expect from other places. The tour participants had the chance to pour their own beers off the secret tap in the brewery facility. Our tour guide let us take as many draws as we liked, and the beer we had on tour was not available in the tap room upstairs, Untappd users rejoice. 

The tap room upstairs is a contemporary revamp of a classic old building.
The chalkboard in the tap room updates the customers on what’s coming for the brewery.
In the basement, on the tour, visitors can pour their own beer(s) from this tap.
This hole in the wall of the grain room shows where they load the grain into the room. It opens up to an alley behind the brewery where they can use unload the grain directly from the trucks. This is a testament to the history of the building.
The grain room with the circular portal to the alleyway in the background.
The fermentation vessels upstairs. This location of Infusion does relatively little brewing, and their Southwest Omaha location does more of it.
This map provides a look on what beers are usually made at what parts of the year.
This cupboard houses many of the unconventional flavorings used regularly in their beers.


PRICE: $10 

TOURS OFFERED: Depends on the location. Check here for details.

HISTORY: Established 2012





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