Summit Brewing Company: Saint Paul, MN

Summit Brewing Company is a Minnesota staple. Originally founded in Saint Paul’s Midway neighborhood, it relocated out to the bluffs of the Mississippi on Montreal Circle. I would call it a regional brewery with distribution through five states. The craft beer revolution has eliminated some market share for this oversized competitor, forcing them to retreat to only Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. 

A recent development to compete with other companies has been the Bier Hall. Long tables line the room like those halls in Germany. Seasonal and year-round taps are both available in the Bier Hall.

A few facts I learned on my tour: 

    1. On a good day, the brewery can bottle 8,000 cases of beer. That’s 192,000 bottles/day.
    2. 50% of their volume is bottles, 40% is kegs, and 10% is cans.
    3. When they moved out of the Midway neighborhood, they purchased their new land from the City of Saint Paul for $1 if they promised to create jobs. They now have 95 employees.
    4. Non-profit groups can reserve the Bier Hall at no charge. Private citizens cannot reserve it at any time. 
    5. Finnegan’s Dead Irish Poet is a beer contract manufactured by Summit, partnering with another Minnesota brewery to donate all proceeds from this beer to stock local food shelves.
The mash tuns and lauter tun are original copper vessels shipped from Germany
The original fermentation room still houses functional units that aid in meeting demands today
The bottling line can process up to 192,000 bottles per day. It was purchased used from Sierra Nevada. It took 17 semis to transport to Minnesota.
The freezer room is stacked 30 feet high with products waiting for shipment
Kegs stacked high in the freezer room
The new Bier Hall


Price: $0 

Tours offered: 

  1. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday: 3pm Reservations are required! RSVP Here
  2. Saturday: 12:30, 1:15, 2:00, 2:45pm Reservations are required! RSVP Here

History: Began in 1986. Established. Traditional.

Three Words to Describe This Brewery: Altruistic, Minnesotan, Authentic

My personal 3P Score (Price, Pours, and Pleasantness): 4.2/5


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