Brickway Brewery and Distillery: Omaha, NE

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Brickway Brewery and Distillery is Omaha’s first combination brewery-distillery under one roof since Prohibition. Brewmaster Zac Triemart is a local brewing personality, with a lengthy tenure at Upstream Brewing next door before starting Brickway. This tour is an option for free entertainment in an exciting part of town. The Old Market centralizes a lot of tourist traffic during peak seasons surrounding the Berkshire-Hathaway Shareholders’ Meeting in May and the College World Series in June. 

The tour is brief and personal. I went on a Thursday night and I was the only patron on the tour. I got to see the farmer in the back room who was collecting Brickway’s spent grain to bring back to his farm for cattle feed. 

A few notable facts from my tour: 

  1. All the fermentation tanks are named after specific people. One is named after the farmer that collects the spent grain, and a few are named after the head brewer’s exes. Can you guess who “Li’l Skank” is named after?
  2. The inspectors determined that the cans and barrels had to remain separated from the brewing part of the building. The minimum requirement was a chain-link fence as a divider. I’m not sure if the gate closes, but I can assure you that there is a barrier between those two parts of the back room.
  3. Owner Zac Triemart graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland with his Master’s of Science in Brewing and Distilling.
  4. Local tattoo artist Dave Koenig was hired to decorate the cans and he is responsible for the large mural in the brewery. His work is often a part of the artistic decisions at Brickway. A photo of the mural is below.
The bar features the spirits and beer manufactured on site
A prominent feature of the tasting room is the large outset of the distillery that juts into view of the public
Here the beer cans and distilling casks rest waiting for the next batch of product
The fermenter tanks are named after people involved with the brewery and its beginnings. Far right, foreground is Li’l Skank.
Dave Koenig is responsible for this artwork in the brewery’s back room, paying tribute to the year of the Brewery’s founding.


Price: $0 

Tours offered:

  1. Thursday: 6pm
  2. Friday and Saturday: 2pm and 6pm
  3. Sunday: 2pm

History: Began in 2013. Blossoming. Local, growing, unique.

Three Words to Describe This Brewery: Communal, Unique, Pioneering

My personal 3P Score (Price, Pours, and Pleasantness): 3.5/5



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