Anheuser-Busch: St. Louis, MO

14 August 2017

Obviously, this brewery is big beer. It’s like claiming to support independent movies and indie film festivals, but then taking a trip to Walt Disney World. I’ve been to Walt Disney World, and Anheuser-Busch was better.

This is the view of the campus from Pestalozzi Street in Saint Louis. This was the site of a massive party after prohibition ended in the United States on April 6th, 1933.

One clear difference about Anheuser-Busch’s tour was the value. With such huge profits and such a massive following, they can afford to give tours away for free. There are other paid tour options with additional perks, but this is a great deal with roughly similar commitment as the others. 


Mash Tanks – The mix of grains (malted barley, wheat, etc.) is being mixed with hot water to heat-activate the enzymes in the malt and convert the starch into sugar, typically maltose.

Mash Tank room (cont.)

In these massive vessels, fermentation happens with beechwood to create that classic Budweiser flavor profile. The yeast are inside eating the sugar and converting it into alcohol.


This is the main lobby upon your entrance into the brewery tour entrance.

Even to the most hipster craft beer drinker, Budweiser is a necessary evil . If you want to experience breweries, you have to visit this cultural hub in Saint Louis. The history of the nation is intertwined with this brewery, and you can see artifacts along the tour.



Price: $0 

Tours offered: Every 15 minutes during business hours

History: Long and influential. Began in 1852.

Three Words to Describe This Brewery Tour: Institution, Mandatory, and Historical

My personal 3P Score (Price, Pours, and Pleasantness): 4/5


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