Scriptown Brewing Company: Omaha, NE


Scriptown Brewing Company is located in the heart of the Blackstone District in Omaha. I sat down with Scriptown’s owner, John Fahrer, to talk about what it’s like to hold some key real estate in the Omaha beer scene since late 2014. In his own words, John says Scriptown is about “classic examples of traditional beer styles.” These beers are the basics. They produce many styles with different seasonals, but they are not going to make that tropical habanero imperial gose you’re looking for. The Yotus IPA is by far the most successful recipe, both in-house and on tap at nearby bars.


And while their bare bones approach might seem a little bland, I wouldn’t question him if I were you. In 1996, John was a national home brewer of the year. After brewing on his own for over a decade, his award was a wakeup call to look into brewery ownership more seriously. He started his business plan in 1997.


A stone’s throw from Mula Mexican Kitchen, Archetype Coffee, and Coneflower Creamery, Scriptown benefits greatly from its location in a trendy, growing neighborhood. Describing his customers in Omaha, his face lit up when talking about how well he has been embraced as a local spot. The Omaha beer community is incredibly supportive, and the neighborhood push for a streetcar drives interest in the Farnam Street corridor. Besides the destination taproom, 50% of the product is still sold in draft lines of other bars. Despite their small-scale production ability at 40th and Farnam, the sales sheets are showing great growth in wholesale profits, so Scriptown is building its brand and expanding well. 


The space inside the taproom is extraordinary. Exposed brick and refurbished original floors give the place a retro-chic vibe. Each Tuesday, America’s Pub Quiz attracts crowds seeking trivia glory and the taproom seems entirely too small for the masses. In that case, good news! The patio beer garden in the back of the building offers more seating and standing room to enjoy the summer nights. 


As far as tours are concerned, they are by reservation only and groups of ten or more are expected. Beyond that, it is not well laid out. Space in the brewing facility is the largest concern and many Saturdays are still brewing days. Call ahead or email the owner John Fahrer at so they can help you out.


3 Words to Describe Scriptown: Chill, Brick, and Neighborhood



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