Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery: Saint Paul, MN

Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery occupies the oldest commercial building in the Twin Cities. It originally opened as a German saloon back when the city of Saint Paul only had about 10,000 settlers. It is amazing that this building has survived this far. For those interested in the history of the Twin Cities, specifically the German immigrants, this is a brilliant new way to live in the past. 


Furnished with replicas only where the original elements were failing, this structure is very close to being an accurate portrayal of the saloon in the nineteenth century. There is a ground floor with an upper level, and both are available for seating. The wood-burning stoves and original pine floors (from trees grown during William Shakespeare’s lifetime) will marvel even the most casual history fan. Small doors in the new layer of plaster walls show underlying signs of the building’s history (bottom right and upper left).

FullSizeRender 7

Waldmann’s brewing happens in horizontal fermentation tanks because an overwhelming majority of their recipes are lagers. Their beer incorporates original German ingredients. Bars are located both upstairs and downstairs, surrounded by old maps of the city and pictures of German immigrants that fought in the Civil War. Its history as a new brewery and old saloon make some parts of the building seem out of place. (The sign above the door indicates future plans to have an outdoor beer garden space.)


Besides beer, their token item is their wursts. Their most popular is the curry wurst, which comes with a house curry and whole grain mustard. Come with friends before a Wild game to enjoy a real Minnesota sausage instead of that Sheboygan stuff from Wisconsin. Have some respect for your elders.


Waldmann’s commitment to the authentic German saloon cannot be overstated. Since opening in October 2017, it is easy to associate it with the chic new brewpubs that have hoppy ales and fancy new warehouse properties. This establishment is for those interested in living as if it were a simpler time. Stop by Waldmann to experience it and spread the word about this Twin Cities treasure.


TOUR PRICE: Varies. 

GUIDED TOURS OFFERED: Call ahead and ask about the tour availability: (651)-222-1857

HISTORY: Originally opened in 1857, re-opened in 2017



  • Extremely long history

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