Benson Brewery: Omaha, NE

Benson Brewery is located in the historic Benson neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. In the summers, the beer garden in the back draws many for late weekend nights. Benson Brewery focuses on the food as well as the beer that they serve. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a restaurant.


While they create great food, their beer was the original idea. Cody Anderson, Benson’s brewer, released a fun new IPA called New Brewer, Who Dis? as his staple beer. He also started out with a saison called Lemongrass. The beers on the list don’t quite commit to any style, but there is a large variety to pick from. Because Benson only brews on a relatively small system, they were out of their top two beers on the night I visited. This would be a problem if you didn’t understand the idea of Benson Brewery. It is a neighborhood bar committed to being a part of the community before making profits. If you’d like to have your beer ready for you, they sell growlers. 


Unfortunately for Benson, their name recognition and quality brewing tradition has actually caused them to become a bit of a stepping stone for brewers. In the last five years, they have had 3 different brewers. The first two have gone off to new positions at different companies after getting more experience at Benson. Business has not been a problem. As the word spreads around town and beyond, the brewery is managing the demand well, especially considering their small size.


Just down the road from Infusion Brewing Company, Benson is a face of the neighborhood. The old building has been renovated into a chic taproom, so the wood floors and exposed brick walls give off the appropriate vibes. The beer is a focus, but the food is what makes this a unique spot in Benson. Maple Street is chalk-full of nightlife, so make this the start of your time in the neighborhood. Benson Brewery is a great neighborhood destination! They have a second, semi-private room for your next large group event. Call to ask about more details.


GUIDED TOURS OFFERED: Call ahead and ask if they can accommodate your group 


THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS BREWERY: Neighborhood, Family, and Casual



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