Goat Patch Brewing Company: Colorado Springs, CO

Goat Patch Brewing Company in Colorado Springs is a brand-new brewery located east of the Garden of the Gods. Opened in a renovated elementary school, its property occupies what used to be a special education classroom. To use the bathrooms, exit out the back door and walk down the hallway to the original bathrooms. It’s a very unique idea that highlights their commitment to their community. The Goat Patch offices are even located in the old staff lounge with the room still labeled as such:


Head brewer Darren Baze worked for Bristol Brewing and other beer establishments before starting at Goat Patch. Originally from Des Moines, Darren has definite Midwestern ties. His focus is on the balance of his beers. The tap list is defined by variety.  Not only does he feature different styles, but he stresses the balance within each of his recipes. He works to change up the ABV, flavor profile, and IBU differences. 



Why is the brewery named Goat Patch? Goat Patch is a reference to Darren’s memorable beard. He says he takes care of it every few weeks, and I’m sure he’s got to hold onto it for business reasons at this point.  


Goat Patch stresses its relationship with the community. The school is long gone, but they have an annual program that allows consumers to donate to charitable organizations in Colorado. If you stop by and purchase their It Takes A Tribe Red Ale, you receive a wooden nickel to place in the container for the charity you support. Each sale of the Red Ale means five cents of the purchase goes to a local non-profit. The organizations change each year, so they are accepting applications for your group on a consistent basis. Currently their are two organizations available for a year’s worth of donations:

  • UpaDowna provides opportunities to get outside for public health and natural beauty appreciation.
  • The Home Front Cares seeks to help veterans and service members and their family in emergency financial situations to provide a safety net for our nation’s military.


The brewhouse is located in what used to be an auditorium in the old school building. After contacting a California entity for the remodel, the space has been so heavily fortified that it is ready for earthquake-strength rumblings. I wonder if any other breweries in the area are as ready for natural disasters.


Goat Patch only opened in mid-2017, so they are growing quickly and their name is only on the way up. With about 40 years of industry experience, the management is prepared to deal with the demand. Though they are so freshly minted, their understanding of the Colorado beer scene has certainly set them up for success. Their main beers are still to be determined, so if you stop in and like what you taste, let them know! They are still malleable to consumer demand. Watch out for this place in the future.



TOURS OFFERED: Stop by the brewery during off-peak hours so you can get a tour without pressuring the staff

HISTORY: Opened in 2017

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS BREWERY: Community, Variety, and Knowledgeable 


  • Cool building and history
  • Easy to plan and visit