Vis Major Brewing Company: Omaha, NE

This post is part of our Omaha Beer Week series. Please check out our page to learn more about breweries in the 402!

Vis Major only started on August 18th, 2017. It has opened in the Center Street corridor near the Hanscom Park and Field Club neighborhoods. Conveniently, it is right across the street from Abelardo’s burritos, which is open until 4am. Each business wins. 

The Vis Major Brewing Company was named when one of the founders was looking for names to use in World of Warcraft. In Latin, Vis Major translates to mean “Act of God.” Given the colossal themes, the names for the beers are full of references to deities of all faith traditions. You’ll need to talk to the tour guide for a complete listing of meanings. 

Vis Major is a self-described “nanobrewery.” To prove it, my tour guide was the co-founder. The taproom is clearly in a repurposed room that transformed nicely into a brewery space. The beautiful wood floors are still exposed, creating an old-school feel.

The brewing happens in the basement. The tour brings visitors through 3 rooms and the walk-in refrigerator. Cost-saving measures are everywhere. Low ceilings, plastic fermentation vessels, and disorganization are indications. They are operating on a 4-barrel system that is powered by electricity. Instead of using mechanical measures to heat up the mash tun, they plug in a series of cords to the wall and use the current running through the metal to heat up the water and the malted barley. 

It’s a new player on the Omaha beer scene, but their inexperience makes their identity particularly malleable and able to respond to the demands of their consumers. I would encourage trying them out and letting them know what you did and did not like about your experience. They would be happy to hear your compliments and criticism. 

Empty kegs sit in the limited open spaces waiting for cleaning
This shelf is the extent of the storage space used at Vis Major
The 4-barrel brewhouse is housed in the basement on an electrical power system. This is the whole brewing system.
The fermentation vessels are made of plastic and are stationed on rolling pipe stands
These kegs are most of the product that is sitting in the refrigerator room


PRICE: $0 

TOURS OFFERED: Wednesdays at 6pm, Saturdays  at 2pm and 4pm

HISTORY: Searching for identity. Opened August 18, 2017.



  • Free tour
  • Free taster-sized beer pour
  • Short tour (about 30 minutes)


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